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Got Eder, made ranged Rogue, Need off tank/dps....

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So I am 'slightly' building my own group. I have a player made ranged rogue for dps. I also have Aloth and Eder. 


I was going to hire another custom adventurer. I was thinking perhaps an off tank that can hold up while Eder main tanks. 


I was reading around and some suggest a Monk, some suggest a tanky Enchanter and some a Paladin. 


My post is two requests. 


1) What do you recommend for an off tank for Eder and why?


2) What would be the starting stats of said recommendation so i can get started?


Thank you very much!


I am really enjoying the game and the community has be VERY helpful to me!

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Why are you waiting for us to tell you these things? Go play the game! You're on normal. It's not that difficult. Just get into the game, experiment, and try things yourself.


Go to Caed Nua and pick up Kana. He's a Chanter. Put him in heavier armor and give him a shield. Alternatively, if you're set on using an adventurer from the inn, I would recommend a monk, because you can get a paladin a little bit later in the game.

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A simple oldschool Barb with some big ass 2-handed weapon can dish out some serious damage while being fairly tanky. I dont have much experience with them tho but I've tested it a bit and it looked promising. Stats would be tons of might, some const, some int. Lots of resolve/perception for the needed deflection as you will be missing a shield. I dont think dex is really needed when you use Berserker. Should have plenty of attack speed that way.

Fighters work too. They're kinda boring but they can fillso many roles and their permanent buffs from skills can give them a steady and consistent damage output. Not as much on the high end as the Barb but more reliable. So far i've been using a fighter with a saber (a unique one with +0.5 crit mult) using it in just one hand. Crits almost every hit. Also took the skill that increases the crit mult by another 0.5. Does really well even with suboptimal stats (was my first custom made character so i had no clue) I can imagine that using 2 battle axes + that skill + accuracy bonusses can lead to some devastating crit pain trains. But right now I switched to sabre + small shield as she was critting more than enough and I could need a bit more tankiness. Also I found one with retaliation which is just nice on a damage focussed off-tank.

I have also tried Paladin but so far I didnt like it. I found that they're much more suited for the tank role as they not only become that unkillable meat shield but also offer some support to your team instead of just absorbing hits.

Cant say anything about Monks because I simply dont like them. They seems super boring and I didnt bother using them much so far.

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I hired a Paladin with my Barbarian because one of your companion is a fighter and Paladin's have good deflection.  And I don't know when I'm getting the Paladin companion.  Since I'm not micro-managing my group it's one of easiest. 


If you are getting a Paladin companion later why not a Barbarian hireling?

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