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[Spoilers] bounties

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I have some "trouble" with the bounties..


in the first tier you have to kill an oger on your way to twin elms...well as of my understanding you cant go there unless you finished A2..so i did that and killed the oger and went back to recieve the next tier..problem is in the next tier you have to kill someone in Defiance Bay which i cant access anymore..do i miss something? or can i only do all that after the hearing and b4 i got to lady webb for the last time?

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Okay that answers my question whether or not the bountys are random, they're not :D


so to answer your questions:


- you can return to Defiance Bay

the moment you reach the Twin Elms village....Heartsong or what was it called? the guards there tell you that the riots in Defiance Bay have died down and the city reopened its gates



If you continue collecting bounties, I'd love to get an update from you when you have collected the 2nd round...

is there a 3rd, 4th, 5th round of bounties? Do you always only get coins as a reward (apart from the loot from killing them)


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