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Taxes are completely random?

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I have fully upgraded fortress, several hirelings, 30 prestige and 37 security. And yet I still regularly lose 600 cp to bandits and get 200 cp as taxes. Which is what I got when the fortress was in ruins anyway. Bandits/hirelings cost me more than the fortress generates. It does not help that the time taxes are generated is random too (sometimes a turn passes when you complete a quest sometimes it doesn't) but hirelings are paid daily. So simply traveling around drains money.

Is it just me or the whole system is broken? It's kind of disheartening after spending thousands of gold on it to get negative income.

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Turns do indeed pass as you complete quests. Doesn't seem to be one turn per quest though.


I have the same problem as the OP with the system. It seems broken, and I don't use hirelings because of it. It also seems that the more I upgrade the keep, the more money is taken by bandits. Initially it wasn't so bad. What's up with that?

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