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Crash when entering Black Hammer Smithery



Hi there,


my problem is: I can't enter the black hammer smithery any longer. The game tries to load the content for the smithery and then just freezes. I can move the mouse, but nothing happens. When I try to click, the message appears "The exe isn't working anymore".


I solved the quest " The Smith's Shipment" and still have his shipment which I got from the black meadow marauders in my inventory. As far as I noticed, the crash appears only since then. Before I could enter the smithery without problems. I can't erase quest items from the inventory, right?


Sadly I can't attach a save game file, because my smallest one is 856kb. I'm only allowed to upload max 507kb filesize ... :-(


Thank you in advance!


Apart from this I can only say: Best game since Dragon Age Origins! Thank you for such a nostalgic trip! More, more more! :-)


With greets


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