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If you want to hit things, you have these options:

- dual wield 2 fast weapons

- dual wield 2 medium weapons

- use a 2h weapon


When is which style better?

I assume that weapons that ignore some DR are the best. Am I right?


Of course, to deal lots of damage its best to have high might and dex.

But if you cannot have both, which one is better for which style?

Or is it better to have both stats the same value?



At the moment I prefer 2h, because of DR and because it is easier to find one good weapon than two good weapons.



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Two-handers have more raw damage and are therefore better at piercing DR.


The difference between two medium and two fast is generally negligible. Go with the best weapons you can obtain/afford, basically. Dual-wielding has a faster attack speed but lower damage, which means it's better against enemies that are either casting or who don't have high DR. One weapon style is for enemies with extremely high deflection.

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