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Please fix this game



First off......if this game works it will be amazing.  So much fun.  Unfortunately.....i have created 2 save files since i became a backer for this game.


The first one is stuck on Raedricks Hold.  An obvious and deadly bug.


I decided to make a new game......which instantly had a sound issue....where it makes a constant clicking sound.


I feel like this game was not beta tested at all.  I'm only mad because i really want to play it.  There should be a standard out there.... like you actually have to have a playable game before releasing it.  What happens when i create a third character....is he going to be invisible????  Is it going to play stairway to heaven in loop the whole time.  Please fix this game!!!

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There are other threads that address these specific issues. In fact, Raedrick's hold is a hot topic in different threads. I approved this one because you should get the chance to give voice to your issues but I'm closing it because it contains known issues that are currently hotly debated.


http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72016-raedrics-hold-game-crash/page-1?hl=+raedrick's +hold




EDIT: "Sorry for whining.....i'm just so frustrated." No problem. Hopefully these are fixed and you can enjoy the game!

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