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Please Provide an Option to Disable UI Scaling

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Disappointed to not see this in the notes. Although its not as important as game-destroying bugs I feel its up there - I considered buying a new monitor over it today and am now running the game on a much poorer quality display than my 27" 1440p  :(


The problem is that if you have a high-resolution monitor the UI scales up and looks like (sorry Obsidian, but its true) ****. My eyesight is fine, we're moving into a post-1080 world so this scaling should really be optional if text in particular can't be crisp when scaled.



JOOMsbn.png E7fWeYV.png




tTBIXAN.png FtcESPJ.png


I shudder to imagine what text looks like at 4k


A simple solution would be just to be able to disable the scaling and anchor the UI elements to the sides etc.


Is this something the IE mod guys are working on maybe? Obsidian?


In a text heavy game I find the scaling really bad, to the point where I'm considering buying a 27" 1080 ... ! Before I throw away my money can someone let me know if a solution is even in the works anywhere?

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Maybe this is why my conversation panel's artwork looks blown up and pixelated - but I'm playing with just 1920x1200. Regardless, it looks bad. I think that's the only element that's blown-up looking for me, though.

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I'm quite fine (though not really happy) with UI scaling, in fact I don't want character screens etc. to be tiny windows in the center of my 2560x1600 monitor.


However, what I'm not fine with is text rendered at low resolution and then upscaled. There's just no excuse for this, and I can't understand how proper text rendering isn't a top priority in a game that puts so much emphasis on text and dialogue.

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Its not just the text though, its also all the icons and textures in the UI that look very ordinary.


Getting the text to look nice and crisp like at 1080 would certainly be a huge improvement.


Yeah, I know it's not just the text, but proper text rendering is much more important than sharp UI graphics and icons (which would be great too, don't get me wrong).


It really is a weird design choice that the game doesn't use higher quality assets to draw UI graphics. Even character portraits need to be upscaled on the character sheet, they're the same dimensions as in IWD2 - 13 years ago! (Especially weird considering the game easily handles custom portraits larger than 210x330, as long as the aspect ratio remains the same.)

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