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BUG - Spell lock caused by cut scenes mid-fight



So, I had to replay the last fight A LOT before I got it. But I encountered a bug on several attempts.


If I had a spell in the process of casting when the cut scene fires, the spell gets block from further use, gets grayed out and says "Currently active" when you hover over it.


This happened to me during the final boss fight when he does his soul shield and the cut scene removes the UI and final boss says some words.


This happened to me specifically when Aloth was casting Fan of Flames when the cut scene fired, and also when Durance (priest guy) was casting a heal.


I can't recall other encounters that pull you out and force a cut scene mid battle, but imagine this would happen in those cases too.


EDIT: I should mention that I could still use any other spell, just NOT the spells that were actively in the process of casting when the cut scene fired.

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