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character starts with half endurance on load



Hi, I've found a trivial but persistent issue.  For some reason when I load a game, my Eder frequently starts with half endurance.  He has full health, and he was full endurance prior to the save (in game time), but when I reload his endurance starts out below full, then quickly regens.  It doesn't always happen, but it's happening for me every time I load the included save.  Haven't noticed it happening to any other characters or enemies.  Seems like it might be related to an issue another guy reported:





Relevant files here:



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I've found a few more issues while playing today.


1) The priestess of magran in the ducal palace, Fryga, acted like we'd met before when we never had.  I didn't speak with her at all, ever, went and killed the drake and got the artifact randomly without knowing it was a quest, then later met her after completing defiance bay and going to twin elms.  She let me complete the quest just fine, but she acted like we'd talked before, and I had no idea what visions she was talking about, or anything.  Forgot to actually save any evidence, sorry.


2) when talking to the dragon hunter, right before she attacked me (I got her to put the necklace on) one of her lines of text was "script node 109."  I got a screenshot, but forgot to pull the save before it was overwritten.


3) I went to the bridge north of defiance bay to collect the bounty on the slaver.  I killed him, and in the process my characters leveled up to 12, my chanter was downed after summoning two ogres, and my druid summoned a blight.  After the combat ended, the summons never disappeared, and my party would only walk.  This state persists across area transition, save/load, and game restart.  Attached screen, save, and output log.  The issue was resolved by entering and ending another combat encounter.  Another thing I noticed during both the combat before the bug started, and the combat that ended it, was that enemy pets were still targetable when downed.


All files here:



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I've found that this happens with both my PC and Durance.


I wonder if it has anything to do with the racial ability. I suppose I could add Eder to the party and see if it happens to all 3 of us (thought it wouldn't explain why I don't see it happening to Grieving Mother).

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