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Saber Styles

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One problem with the first KOTOR, was that the single saber style sucked compared to dual and double bladed sabers. Not only that but the difference between dual and double bladed sabers were practically non-existent. Instead I think each saber style should have their own unique ups and downs.


Single Saber: Higher chance for critical hit (or higher damage whatever you want to call it), lower chance of block vs. other styles. The single saber allows the wielder to make precision cuts, but because the other styles have multiple blades the wielder has a harder time parrying the attacks.


Double Bladed Saber: Higher defense, lower chance to hit. The double bladed saber allows the wielder to block multiple attacks at the same time, however; when attacking, the wielder must concentrate on both cutting the enemy and not himself.


Dual Sabers: Two attacks in one turn, lower defense vs. other styles, each attack is 1/2 the damage of what one "normal" attack would be. (Example: if the normal attack is 30, then each of the two attacks would do 15 damage). Because there is a saber in each hand the wielder can attack two different parts of the target at the same time, however since the attack that hits is only from one hand the damage dealt is only half. Also, parrying a two handed attack with one hand would not be strong enough to prevent an attack.

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I think Dueling should tack +1 on to the critical threat range of each weapon (after Critical Strike/Sniper Shot and Keen are taken into account) per level. Also, it should be +2 to hit per level. The +1 defense is good enough though.


Two-Weapon Fighting should have the penalties increased by -3/-3, and to get to the level of Master Two-Weapon Fighting NOW (basically, to have the penalty as -2/-2), you'd need a feat available only to the Marauder/Weapons Master classes.


There. I have balanced single/dual/double-bladed sabers. You're welcome. :D

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