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Out of combat summons breaking the game



Ok, I know there are rules now about reporting issues, but I'm writing this after finishing the game and because I didn't see this very important issue addressed in the changelog. Hopefully I'm not just missing that one line.


Here goes, summoning items(not wizards summoning staves), like the ones summoning Animats, Beetles, and so on have a chance to "break" and for some reason start summoning their summons on their own, out of combat without player's desire or consent. These summons will be added to the party as permanent members from that point on.


If you leave the item equipped, those summons with random intervals will keep appearing. Unequiping them seemingly had no effect. Killing those summons through console didn't work. The only thing that helped was to shelve the companion who had the item when it all started.


Even then, spectral outlines of those summons would appear in random areas, even though they weren't in my party anymore, and weren't an actual unit on a map, just a grey figure. Which was only annoying, until the point when it turned out that those spectres, if they spawn in a map near a cluster of enemies would aggro those enemies putting your party in never-ending combat. The only workaround I found was to save only in areas where there were no enemies to be found. As a side note - that endless combat thing happened only upon loading the game, and not just transiting from one area to another, while those figures themselves would appear whenever and wherever they pleased.


If this is a known issue already, my apologies, but I just never saw it mentioned.

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