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No steam physical copy?





Well seems i was right not to pre order after W2 beta release:P.

Anyhow.Im not sure if this is the right place to ask this.

Is there/will be there, physical boxed copy version, that isnt just a steam cache installer ?I ask because i like my games without DRM and be able to play whenever i like.i REALLY like boxed versions  instead of just ones and zeroes on some shady distributor site like steam :p , but if its not coming, im gonna go to GOG ,pay half the price and get that, at least its DRM free.

Ofcourse after community agrees that the game is done :p

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Hi Citizen_X, as I understand, there won't be a DRM-free retail disc version (but if you were a backer, you would have gotten one :)), so GOG will probably be your preferred option.




Thank you for swift and brutal execution of my dreams :) .Anyhoo, im going GOG then.

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