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Improvements to information feedback.

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So far this game has been amazing, however there are some issues on character information that is rather user unfriendly.


1. Stat affecting passives that only activate in combat. Is there an engine restriction that prevents abilities like Transcendent Suffering from showing on the main stats outside of combat? Many users are confused when they get a passive but it fails to show any changes on the main stat screen. If possible these should just be active all the time rather combat only.


2. Recovery time. There needs to be a way to see a value for this, seeing a loading tip that equiping a shield reduces recovery time, but without being able to see a recovery time value it becomes impossible to tell how major this affect is,. Being able to see a value would also help in deciding on armor and stacking effects such as increased/decreased time from multiple sources. Ideally this would be displayed in seconds on the stats screen.


3. Classes have some cool and unique mechanics but many of these are only displayed on the character creation screen or even not at all. There should be a journal section for each class giving an overview and details on their unique abilities/resources and if you want to go all in a list of their unique abilities would be great too (preferably in a collapsable format sorted by tier so people aren't scrolling through a giant list of spells).


A big example is monk wounds, there is next to nothing in the game itself on wounds other than you gain them by taking damage and can use them for abilities. On the wiki it states that wounds also absorb some damage, if this is still in then it is not stated anywhere and there is no place in the game to look up the details on ths mechanic. Similarly with spell casters there does not appear to be anywhere stating when a spell tier becomes per encounter (this needs to be added to the level up screens of the appropriate levels as well).


4. this one is less important and more of a small convenience, but when equipping items that cause suppressed stats it would be nice to have a pop-up letting users know this.


I'm not how much of these would be engine limited but it would be a great improvement for user friendliness and make it easier for new players to learn the mechanics.

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