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Three or four acts?

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Hi there folks, just a quick question. I'm in Act 3 now, but before proceeding too far I'd like to know if I'm close to the ending. So my question is, is Act 3 the final one? because I'm getting some pretty serious endgame vibes even if I'm just level 10 and did a good number of sidequests and Od Nua exploration beforehand. Specifically;



I got the blessing of Galawain, Magran and Abydon to pursue Thaos. Does jumping in the put in Burial Isle trigger the endgame, or does the game's story continue after that? From an RP point of view, delaying that quest seems a bit silly considering all the talk that is made of my PC undergoing his Awakening any minute now. But if I need to in order to tie up loose ends, I'll delay.


Also, is there some sort of warning before the endgame if jumping in the pit isn't one?


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Yes, jumping in will trigger Act IV (the endgame), so you'll want to finish everything else first. The game does make a special save at that point, however, so unless you're on ToI you can always go back.



Thanks a lot! Well, that slightly sucks. It's a bit silly that the game puts a lot of pressure at you on the beginning of Act 3 when the endgame is actually pretty close. Oh well, time to put the story on hold for some time and go do bounties and such.

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