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Greetings! I've just bought Pillars of Eternity after a lot of friends recommended it, I thought i'd give it a chance. After a lot of reading I begin my adventure on Hard and on Expert mode. I create a rogue with the Aedyr Culture which should give me +1 Resolve. Before so I had 9 resolve because I shoved some attributes from resolve to Might and Dex and perception, and I had hoped the culture bonus would negate the negatives by dropping resolve to 9, so i had hoped i had 10 in resolve. However upon starting i find myself with 9 resolve. How come?

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It gets factored in during character creation, IE, all character stats are actually shown starting off with one extra point of Resolve that they don't actually have, because if you switch the culture to anything other than Aedyr, you lose that Resolve point and gain something else.


Stats default at 10. Anything you see at 11 before you actually add in your stats? It got there because of a racial or cultural bonus.

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