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larder door: enchanting causes loss of bash ability



I just enchanted my larder door.. and after I did, it lost its ability to be used as a secondary weapon.

it's still listed in the description, but it no longer functions as a secondary weapon.

I consoled a new one in that I had not enchanted, and it works fine, though it too will fail to act as a secondary weapon if I enchant it.


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Unfortunatelly I'm not able to reproduce this yet: On linux game version tried enchant Larder Door by Fine and Exceptional, when equipped, in inventory and in stash. Aftewards, appears to work together with Bashing 2 on my side (equipped with Flail by Kana).


Can you supply more information including game version and exact steps to reproduce?


A possible similar report (reloading game helped there):


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game version is release (1.02)

was in the blacksmith shop where you get the shield.  tested by attacking party member. 

-without enchant, get the secondary bash enchant

-enchanted to fine, no longer got the secondary bash.

later, after reaching Defiance Bay, enchated the same shield up to exceptional.... and bashing returns.

go figure.


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