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Is your character on the clock? + Is there "free roam" after end boss?

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I'm in act 2 somewhere in the beginning and mostly I do side quests. Main storyline got progressed only because I didn't realize it and accidentally get into area of a quest and finish it. However lately my char begin to get dreams of pillars (of eternity I guess). So... am I on the clock? Kinda like in Agarest 2 where the more quests you do the closer you get to ending of generation. So is there some sort of a timer?


That kinda leads into second question - is there a free roam after beating final boss whoever that is? Or I can continue doing side quests first and occasionally return to main quests without any side effects later on?

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There is no free roam after the end of the game. You need to finish all content before you jump into that magic hole, remember that.


As for timer: I don't think there is one. I have been sitting at 5 months ingame time and there are zero negative consequences, therefore I assume it is mostly flavor text without gameplay repercussions. 

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