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Getting around a few party swap 'bugs'/features

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Hi folks,


There's a few annoyances I wondered if there was a way round. I guess the game is really trying to make you not swap companions. But since NWN2 it's become quite a habit for me. Now I love the variety and trying different parties and seeing which companions I like the most.


1) When you swap out and then back in a companion all their personal records are reset. This is such a big shame, making the whole system useless to me. I'm wondering if it was a design rather than bug, as I can''t imagine it slipping through. Even if it is fixed, I guess all the data is gone for good?


2) Companions not currently in party get 75% xp of those that are. I can understand this decision, it does make sense,but l personally would like them to get the same so I can swap around. I could perhaps leave it as no-one would ever get too far behind, or I could use console commands to add (and subtract, to balance main character) xp to balance the party. But I wonder if there's a parameter in an .ini file somewhere?


3) Stuff disappearing from inventories when swapping out characters. I lost 5 Grimoires in one go like this. Very, very annoying. Got to be a bug. Guess I could use command console to put stuff back, but not sure on codes. Does it delete on removal of character or when you swap them back in? Is it the whole inventory? I'm not sure as I didn't notice for quite a while.


Anyway, any tips or thoughts on these points welcome. Like I say, I'm aiming to be able to swap my party around without these annoyances ruining my saves.



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