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Stat sources and stacking need better in-game presentation and description

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It should be clear to a player what stats, and how much of each, is coming from -


Passive Talents


Temporary spells/abilities

Resting bonus





And which stack or don't stack - maybe grey out the sources that aren't being added due to another gain from a similar source.



All sorts of derived attributes are currently easy to overlap and miss what's not doing anything for your character.


A notification when sources aren't stacking would also help players understand the mechanics better, rather than just letting them keep on going in ignorance of a character wasting gear with non-stacking enchants or whatever.



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i Agree.  I kind of miss a option to hover the mouse above the stat i want to see and see everything like you would in a Pen and Paper character sheet.

Too many passives, buffs and debuffs working and you don´t have a clue if its really there or not. 

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its on the character sheet (dont know how you could not see it, really its gray and with (supresed) at its side ...)

and even if you go on an stat you can se things like (18+1 hamburger+2 mr potato armor +1 sleeping in that bed+3 for being a nature goodlike)


meibe expert mode hiding it ?¿?¿

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