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Too many dispositions? Did I cripple my character?

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Out of pride, as an IE veteran, I decided to just go for my first PoE playthrough on expert mode figuring I could do without most of the "helpers", and I wasn't initially concerned about losing the dialog qualifiers. My idea was to roleplay a druid trying to ensure the clean passage of souls through the world, doing what's needed to see them pass on smoothly, continuing the cycle of life, etc. So I anticipated racking up a lot of Benevolent and Rational points...


By the time I reached Defiance Bay I found I had 1 in almost every disposition except for cruel. I thought I was roleplaying my PC fairly consistently, though I was surprised to find I was stoic and rational, as well as clever and passionate!


I'm a little concerned that in being so scattered, or inconsistent by the engine's standard, I might have inadvertently locked myself out of content which would otherwise be appropriate. Have other people been this scattered in their dispositions? Is it intended that I reach rank 2-3 in fewer dispositions at this point in the game?

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As far as I noticed, you will get 1 point in a disposition very quickly (only need to choose that option a few times). Higher points is harder though. Since you said you just reached Defiance Bay, that's not so far in the game yet, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Most dialogue options start at 2 points, and then you will start noticing different responses. That was my experience at least (I could be wrong).


EDIT: and to answer your last question, pretty sure it's not intended to have many points already at that point in the game.

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