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Could we please hear from a developer (programmer, artist, writer etc..) what it is like working for Obsidian. I'm curious because you guys did it and I wanted to pour my thanks out to you all. Last kick-starter I put money into was Planetary Annihilation and I was very disappointed (lets not get into that). What was/is different working for Obsidian environment ie what the culture was like and what factors made you guys create such a quality/detailed game? I hope they get this and thanks again.

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A typical day for that jerk, Eric Fenstermaker. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/65206-update-73-narrative-design-a-day-in-the-life-companion-goals-and-the-undead/


Update by Eric Fenstermaker, Lead Narrative Designer



Hey everybody. I'm Eric Fenstermaker and I'm the lead narrative designer on Pillars of Eternity. Before this I held the same position on South Park: The Stick of Truth, 

so if the dialogue in Eternity ends up being a long string of obscenities and fart jokes, you know who to blame. You can direct all hate mail to my work email account, brandon.adler@obsidian.net.


But what to talk about first? Being a narcissist, the answer is obvious.


What It Is Like to Be Me


Today has been busy and varied. I thought it might be interesting to take you through a typical day as a narrative lead person. I will tell it in second person so it feels like virtual reality. Most of this is somewhat based on real events - at least as much as American Hustle.


10:05 AM


You arrive at work. Take serpentine route to your desk to avoid being seen by anyone who would frown upon your five minutes' tardiness. End up accidentally passing all of them in the hallway anyway. Pass subordinate in hallway too. Shake your head at him to note disapproval of his tardiness.


10:10 AM - 10:25 AM


Watch internet video of intro to Japanese wrestling match featuring life-sized animatronic raptor. Dream of making it big as a game designer and having a raptor of your own. Someday...


10:25 AM


Deny your subordinate's purchase request for an ergonomic keyboard to help with her carpal tunnel. That is what stem cells are for. Back to work, slave.


10:30 AM- 11:30 AM


Brainstorming meeting: What kind of monsters can we reasonably use in an urban docks district along the shoreline that somehow have not worked the surrounding populace into a panic? Proposals: invisible giant crabs, giants with poor height genes from both parents, low-key mummies.


11:30 AM


Reminded for seventh time about backer update, which you knew about but have been deliberately putting off. Chastise producer for not reminding you enough.


11:50 AM - 12:00 AM


Called in to review cutscene animatic. Despite the storyboard being delivered exactly as asked for, you berate the storyboard artist to consolidate power. This is garbage, GARBAGE!


12:00 PM


Lunch alone at office desk, like every day.


So alone.


12:10 PM - 1:00 PM


Spend the rest of lunch on Facebook and Twitter making it look like you have the perfect life and everybody loves you.


1:00 PM - ??


Intermittent raptor daydreams.


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM


Work with narrative designer on the design for a new companion centered exclusively on maximizing companion's potential to be spun off into a line of toys. Huge adorable eyes, soft plush fur, impressive physique, ability to transform into racecar, check, check, check and check.


2:30 PM - 4:30 PM


Passing off subordinates' ideas as your own. Crushing their spirit.


4:30 PM - 5:00 PM


Brainstorm barbarian clan names.


  • The Large and in Charge Clan
  • Clan Pizzaface
  • The One-Man Clan
  • The Passive-Aggressors
  • The Doughmen


5:00 PM -7:00 PM


Annoy backers.



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"Things are funny...are comedic, because they mix the real with the absurd." - Buzz Aldrin.

"P-O-T-A-T-O-E" - Dan Quayle

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