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[508] Merchant interface doesn't give feedback on which charater's gear is used when an item is being compared



[Description of the issue]

You are in a merchant interface. You can click on a character's portrait and then when you click the compare button on any item's description, this will compare it to the clicked character's equipped items. There is no visual or other feedback though that this is how this functionality works.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]


1) Open a merchant interface

2) Right-click on an item for sale.

3) Click the Compare button in the description window

4) The item is being compared to the currently equipped items of the character you initiated the conversation with.

5) Close the two description windows that have appeared.

6) Left-click on another character's portrait while still in the merchant interface

7) Compare another item for sale

8) The item is now being compared to the newly clicked character's item

9) No visual or other feedback tells you which character is active.


[Expected behaviour]

I was expecting some outline around the active character's portrait

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