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Maps reload as if I had I haven't been through them.



I have had several maps fill back in.


1. All monsters and treasure (Quest objects etc.) are put back on the map. This has happened to a few areas like "Black Meadow" and "Caed Nua".

2. In Caed Nua - I cannot go down into the prison because it is locked and I do not have the key to open the door and I cannot talk to the statue.

3. The Endless Paths Od Nua - Entire dungeon is as described in #1. I assume I will have to go through the whole dungeon again to get back to where I was (Level 7) because everything is loaded back.


Anyone else have this issue?

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Hi! I have the same problem (point 2) and I don't know what to do! I noticed because my boyfriend is playing the game too, and now I'm desperate to fix it ._.

You're the only one, apparently, who has this issue, I couldn't find anything on the web. 


I feel I'm going mad XD 

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99% your save game got corrupted. save game is zipped, and every area is a file in it. if you delete the coresponding file from the save, it resets. so check that save for area files in it


you can try finding an older save where the areas are ok and copying their files into the new save although i have no idea if that would work

PIllars of eternty (Hard) 1st playtrough: 155h, 38 m (main Ranger with bear(bow), Eder, Durance(off tank), Hirvais(off tank), Kana(ranged), Aloth/GM)
PIllars of eternty (PtoD) 2nd playtrough: 88h 30 m (main Bleak Walker Paladin, Eder, Barbarian, Monk, Rogue (ranged) Cypher(wand)
(not counting reloads and experimenting)
status i love the game, hate the bugs, and wish for better AI and Pathfinding


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I join unfortunatly your party guys,

my game is totaly ruined lol. All area and quest complete are reload and make confict with pnj text, doors, chest, area exploring xp...

It was just after i enter into The Celestial Sapling Inn elevator. Its beginning maybe  when i speak on pnj  for the quest The Champion of Berath... I dont know... Holly **** i'm just bored.

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