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Hi, guys! I'm a big fan of the Witcher novels and games, and I'd like to make my first PoE character based loosely on Geralt of Rivia, the most badass protagonist of all times! 





"Born an orphan in the cold lands of the Wind that Wends, Gwynbleidd was still a child when he was taken by a secretive order of monster hunters to become one of them. After finishing his rigorous training, he embarked into the Eastern Reach to become a slayer of unnatural beasts for hire."


He will be wielding longswords and greatswords only. Single style, no double weapon shananigans! Also no shield. Maybe throwing daggers and crossbows as an alternative to ranged weapons, not sure if these are available in the game though. I'm intent of making him sort of mobile stealthy fighter. Armor will be restricted to light/medium only.


What are your thoughts on a class combination that resembles a witcher's skillset? I'm leaning towards a Fighter with Hunter Culture, but Cipher are also interesting due to their spells that quire resemble the witchers minor sorcery. I'm not sure if they could be good brawlers, tough. I'm prioritizing RP  but I'd also like to build a strong character as I'll be playing on Hard difficulty.


Sorry my english guys, and thanks for any help

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