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Teir Evron - Missing god [ENDING SPOILERS!]

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Shouldn't there be a symbol for Eothas in Teir Evron? All the other ones are there as far as I can tell, but Eothas is missing.


I guess it could imply that Eothas wasn't a "real" god, which would explain some things.


Did anyone else think about this?

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You should have a chat with Durance...


I already did. He's happy to have helped kill Eothas (at least initially). Or are you referring to something else?


But if Eothas was created by the Engwithans along with the rest of the pantheon shouldn't there be a star sign and a stone pillar for him as well in Teir Evron? Woedica gets one, so does Wael, but you can't interact with them.

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Probably, but after beating the game. Wael will ask you to scatter the souls near the very end and Skaen will ask you to feed the souls to Woedica and become her champion. So, if the game would continue (expansion maybe or PoE 2) then I'm sure you'd get the appropriate talents.

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