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BUG: Party corrupted



Well into the game I encountered a rather annoying game-spoiling bug.

I can't enter the second floor of Brighthollow, as it causes the screen to go black.

I read somewhere that it might have to do with the chanter character (not currently on my party), so I reloaded and tried to change my party so that it includes the chanter, and while the party manager told me he joined the party, he didn't show up in the world. After that whatever changes I do to my party are not reflected and I am stuck with the same five team members permanently.


I reloaded an old savegame and just avoid Brighthollow for the moment, but don't know if this bug will come back to bite me later, so I am afraid of continuing playing knowing that all might have to be discarded by some totally game-breaking consequence of this bug. It is rather annoying. Is there any known quick fix to this problem? It seems that not many people are complaining about it, so I am afraid it won't be addressed in the patch release.

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