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Gamebreaking bug...GREAT GAME! (Hermit of Hadret House)



I cant end Hermit of Hadret House quest. All groups dont wanna give me invitation, but quest dont write it and i cant do anything. Quest go forward only if i kill everyone. Then in diary game write something. I dont want to kill 3 main group only to end the quest! 

Do something PLZ. 51 hour in the game and now this!

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Here's some info on the issue for you guys:




TL;DR version:


We're testing a retroactive fix that we hope to include in the upcoming patch.


For now, if you've completed/acquired Bronze Beneath the Lake and Winds of Steel, a workaround entails angering one faction or the other (no need to anger the three of them). In those cases, Webb will let you into the hearings after you tell her that the bridges are burnt with all factions.



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