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Multiple Quests unable to complete



Below are the 3 quests which still show in my journal even though I have completed them. Apart from logging my issue I would like to know if the next patch will correct the issues mentioned below or do I have to start over again? (If you only respond to one question please let it be this. I want to know now if I need to start again or do I wait patiently for the problems to be fixed by you?)


At All Costs


Return to Verzona in Ondars Gift: That's what it says in my journal even though I have killed Verzano. Plus, I never got the Paladin companion because the quest apparently hasn't finished. I've since been to multiple locations to see if it will change but it stays the same.



Supply And Demand


Deal with the instigator behind the attacks: I picked up a key from the bandits in the middle of Ondars Gift, used the key to open the house to the west and killed the leader. Am I missing something? I went back to Maea to see if she would further the quest along but nothing happens.


Lord Of A Barren Land


Confront Lord Raedrik VII inside Raedriks Keep: I've killed Raedrik but nothing happens. No sign of Kolsc. I have left the dungeon but still the quest is in my journal.


Will the patch retro actively fix the quests above or do I have to start over again? 


Drop Box (Save File/Picture after killing raedrik/systemdetails)






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Can confirm for "Supply and Demand".

I don't know if this is caused by having not enough good standing with the Doemenels or by doing it in the wrong order, but when choosing the "convince Maea to lower the prices" option with Aefre, talking to Maea afterwards just doesn't end up in Maea sending me to Bricanta Doemenel to negotiate.
You only can choose the "I have to think about this" option.

Before accepting "Supply and Demand" from Maea I did:

- conclude "A Two Story Job" in favor of the Doemenels
- but declined Gedmar Doemenel's offer to work for them
- accepted to help Bricanta Doemenel with Kolfecg
- dealt with Kolfecg by convincing him to leave Defiance Bay, but did not tell Bricanta Doemenel of this yet
- lockpicked the door to the, by this point still empty Ramshackled House

I then accepted "Supply and Demand" from Maea and:

- killed off the group of Harassing Thugs by the well, got the Rusty Bronze Key (which I obviously didn't need anymore by this point)
- talked to Aefre at the Ramshackled House, accepted to convince Maea to lower the prices
- went back to Maea and am only getting the "I have to think about this" option, when she should suggest to go to Bricanta Doemenel and negotiate with her

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