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Game lag

Paulus Teguh


POE is a great game, especially for me since I'm a C_RPG fans 

For me, I have no problem with the bug, only minor one about 'currently unpaid' for my hirelings even though I have lots of  money.

I had play POE for 69 hours and finished the master below 

But the only things that are bothering me is, about the game lag / stutter, and it seems it is getting worse

my PC specs are I7 3770K 3.50 Ghz 16GB Ram Win 7 64bit ATI Radeon 7970 3 GB 

is my PC specs are not qualified? 

I have done all about 'msaa 0', 'TCP/IP V6, run game as admin, etc. with no avail 

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i7 3770k

GTX 770

SSD 830

Win 8.1

Driver up to date !


Hi, i have also micro stutters all 20 seconds ! Thats periodly micro lag. And i have seen that also in  Videos from letsplayers.

Hope they fix that fast


That the exact words 'periodic' and 'micro' which is not always stutter or macro stutter, but after a while or randomly it happens, the deeper the quest, more companions, etc. 
and it is annoying to say the least
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I have very similar specs to yours and never had any problem with game performance/lags. (i7-4770K 3.5Ghz, 16GB Ram, AMD 7950 3GB, but Windows 8.1)


Your hardware should run this game smooth easily. Maybe driver problems or antivir is scanning your harddrive? (slow harddrive?)

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Dang! Finally, I have found thing that slow down my PC, after a throughout examination  I found out that my CPU cooling fan is not working, since you guys an expert gamer 

Should I change the fan with another original fan or other more 'extreme' cooling fan? And do tell me what and why


But at least it, not the game itself, what a relief 

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