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My Bug Collection and some feedback



I'm going to try to target bugs I haven't seen reported or may need more examples:

*Note, attaching my save and other info in the google drive link below, including screen caps if I have them for said issues: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_GtIS7GOnODUUxHNkVab1Vkb28/view?usp=sharing


Possible Outworn Buckler issue:


The "Herald" effect on the Paladin only shield "Outworn Buckler" seems to be behaving interestingly.

 a. It affects your entire party exactly like a focus (+5 to all defenses to everyone in a radius which is SWEET but is it intended?)

 b. The "Herald Focus" also seems to sometimes go on enemies in close proximity which I'm guessing is a bug even if the first part is by design!! I'm not able to reproduce b. on some brief tests, but I did see it happen once.


Another example of higher than normal defenses:


I know this is known but there seems to be a couple variations of the inflating stats bug so I thought it may be helpful to see more examples. My characters are mostly affected by having higher than normal deflection, will,etc defense stats(which may be related to the shield issue?). Check them out via the save/screen cap of Durance?


Zealous focus icon sometimes getting "stuck":


There are several occurrences where my Paladin's (Pallegina) Zealous focus icon got "Stuck" on everyone no matter how close/far they were. However, watching their stats it did increase/decrease properly when moving in and out of the radius so this is a minor graphical bug. Note: I have the accuracy one.


Pallegina -DR bug or intended?:


Speaking of Pallegina, she has a -2 base DR and -3,-2,-2 on pierce, fire, ad ice attacks if you take off all her armor - is this an Avian godlike minus or not intentional, it may be a good idea to put a description of whatever it is in here character sheet? Interesting if it's intended considering Paladins are supposed to be pretty tanky or at least you would think..?


Penetrating blast and penetrating shot stack, intended or bug?:


Penetrating blast (Wizard class ability) and Penetrating shot (Modal ability) stack , so -10 DR every blast hit which is really nice, maybe a bit too nice? The main range attack gets it's -5 as it should but the blast gets both together for -10DR advantage from what I saw in the combat log.






Scrolls, Lore req red on mouse over for attack spells:


If you hover over a scroll than can only be used in combat it shows the Lore requirement as "RED" like you don't have the lore skill, guessing what it's supposed to mean is you can't use it right now. It's a bit confusing however, it would be better I think for it to show the normal "white lore requirement met" text, and then just have it greyed out as normal on the quickbar slot, makes sense to me I don't think any additional feedback is needed.


Rogue backstab "Passive", thoughts on it's usefulness:


I have a really hard time getting a backstab off, I've been doing my best to get stealth as high as possible so I'm not sure if at really high levels it's a lot easier, but need that mechanic skill so yeah got to balance it some. With Stealth 7 most things seem to see me before I can get a proper backstab off. It is fun to use the invis ability then backstab/sneak attack in battle but it would be nice if it was a little easier to open with a backstab as a rogue.  So basically since the invis ability is only 2 per rest plus having to get close enough in the time given plus it being very hard to use backstab as an opener, it makes it a very rarely used passive.


Possible ideas to improve:

   a. Decrease it's dmg bonus and let it stack with sneak attack to make it a more worthy "passive".

   b. Make it always work if within the first 2 seconds of battle (like sneak attack does?) but only that one time, or have it on an interval timer? Backstab on first hit, another one passively happening after 10-15 seconds, something like that?

   c. Make it an active ability instead of a passive (1 per encounter?) I like this idea the best and it would

feel very rogue like to "activate" a backstab. If this is considered too damaging, reducing the bonus to maybe 1.75/1.50 would be acceptable in my opinion.

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