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Dumb (game mechanics) questions

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Hey there,


I guess I could solve some of these questions by checking the handbook, and considering I just finished the game on normal, I can say that the answers aren't really vital to me enjoying this great game.

But still, if someone finds the time to answer these, I'd be grateful.


1. Bounties:

1.1 Are they random? In my first batch of 4 I had one hiding in an area that I can access only rather late in the game

after the main questline takes me away from Defiance Bay

if they are random I probably just got unlucky

1.2 Do you always get coppers as a reward from the warden? I only completed the

first 8

(I am trying to be on the safer side here^^) bounties, so I am wondering if later bounties might give items (apart from the ones you loot from your enemies corpses).

1.3 is there a maximum number of bounties you can collect in the game?


2. Attacks on your Keep/Defending it.

Is there any way to judge if your defense is strong enough or do you always have to be there for the manual resolve if you want for castle not to suffer?


3. Mindcontrol/Charms

Is there any way to fight those? In the mid- to lategame there are a few enemies that use that, and they seem to have a success rate of >90% AND always choose to go for the one person in my team with the highest will save (does high int attract them?^^)

The paladin-suppression (lvl 2) and the spell that is supposed to reduce the duration of mindcontrol and charms/strengthen your saves seem to do absolutely nothing


4. Reputation

Does your Benevolence/Deceptiveness/... have any influence over the ending of the game or is it "just" for dialogue choices and maybe Paladin/Priest-faith-things?


(I had more, but forgot them over the glorious feeling of having just beaten the game :) )

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