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Blood Legacy Broken?

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So I made it to Dryford, received the Blood Legacy quest, talked to various townsfolk and then went west out of town.  I enter the Skanite temple under the statue and was not able to get into the main chamber initially. I went through the temple killing everything and came up in Trygil's back room.  When I open the door, he attacked and I killed him.  


I then went and recruited someone with enough lock picking to get the central doors open (found the keys after the fact).  Went back down through the temple opened the main chamber and there was nothing there but a talking pool of blood. The pool of blood eventually drained away and the room was completely empty except for three corpses surrounding an empty central cage.


From various post is sounds like the daughter should have been there along with a priest named Wymund?  


I believe I have explored the entire temple but there is no sign of the daughter or the priest and nobody seems to have noticed I killed Trygil.  I have since completed the egg or Ogre quests but no change on the blood legacy.

Have I missed something obvious?  Thanks.

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