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nevermind.... but I do have a question have a lot of people beat this game.


I seem to have to rest a lot so far I am only 4-10 hours in but for example in this temple of eathos i just used my second campfire supplies and i still have three rooms to clear i think... i have gotten pass the big black sludge think. These enemies seem really hard for me am i doing the wrong quest i am like level 1-4, i have eder,altoh,kana, and durance, and myself a wood-elf rogue. the skuldr room with two kings i am having trouble with. did other people have similar problems. also i played tabletop d&d and i played the **** out of BG aand BG2 and a lot of mods, and iceweind dale, does anybody know where there is an online manual that explains what everything means in the game. or if there is something that kinda compares this game to d&d rules.



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nevermind i figured it out.


does anybody have a website or a digital copy of the manuel they can send me. i don't really understand what things mean and i feel like it is making the game harder than it is. the temple of eathos is kicking my arse.



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