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Crash on enter to "Margan's Fork" zone




Game crash when I try to enter zone called 'Margan's Fork'. Doesn't matter if i change zone and then enter 'Margan's Fork' (enter from different zone than previous one) - it still crashes. It seems to me that game crashes only when 2 conditions are met:

1.active quest 'Bounty: Sly Cyrdel'
2.guy named "Gramrfel the wayfarer" in my prison in my Stronghold

Knowledge founded in post "Workarounds for several known issues 3-27-15" doesn't help either.


But i founded workaround this one. Read at end of this post.

Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

1. Pick quest 'Bounty: Sly Cyrdel'.
2. Go to 'Margan's Fork'.
3. Find and imprison guy "Gramrfel the wayfarer".
4. Return to 'Margan's Fork'.
5. Crash

Important Files:

Savegames : check "36bf0fdb826a41f6b2329947ba7c1b93 12002116 PospnaKnieja.savegame"

Output Log :check "output_log.txt" in "DarekJestesZajebisty.zip"
Error log: check "PoE_MarganFork_PROBLEM_DETAILS.txt" in "DarekJestesZajebisty.zip"

Screenshots :
"PoE_MarganFork_Quest.png" - contains list of current tasks

"PoE_MarganFork_Guy.png" - contains imprisoned person

( http://speedy.sh/Aqwf7/PoE-MarganFork-Guy.png )
"PoE_MarganFork_Crash.png"- dont have to explain this one do i?(look in "DarekJestesZajebisty.zip")

Additional info:

1. I didn't bought this game on steam - i purchased it on "gog.com" (shoudn't make difference right?)
2. During game i swapped many times languages -from "english" to "polish" and from "polish" to "english". I would use only english but... u know... my english sux... sometimes I MUST use polish ;/  ( but this shoudn't crash application either - correct?)



I can't find soultion to this bug , so my advaice is:

1. Load save before encounter with Gramrfel the wayfarer

2. Go to the south-west of the map (avoid Gramrfel the wayfarer ! )

3. Kill Cyrdel.

4. Return his head and finish task.


Now no matter what u do , crash will not happen- "Margan's Fork" is safe now xD. At least i hope it is ;)

If You find any better solution than this please post it below so other people won't waste time.


Link to zip : http://speedy.sh/Aq477/DarekJestesZajebisty.zip


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