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Hey guys!


I'm glad to share with you my victory of the day :')





It has been a long way before i finally manage to kill the boss. I spent 3 days finding a strategy to kill it... You have no idea how happy I am right now.


It has been achieved in Normal mode and with a Rogue level 11. I wrote a guide that you will find HERE if you're intrested !


Nothing more to add, I just wanted to share this.


Good night everyone!

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Thank you guys !

I don't think that Triple Crown solo is really possible to be honest... The normal mode is already quite tricky, but sure i'll try when i'll know the game better ^^


Aquinas: You can stealth some encounters, but not all of them, plus you need to fight a minimum for the xp and the loot. No gold, no stuff. 


For the last boss, I may write a guide about it. There are some tricks that permitted me to do it, but it was still a hard fight. 

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