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Gordy and his knife - "Something Secret" - Minor Quest/Dialogue Inconsistency [SPOILERS]



During the course of the "Something Secret", if you give the knife to Gordy, and he tells you the secret, you can tell him you already know the secret (which I did, I found it fair and square before the event!). But if you instead lift him up and hurl him to the ground, there's actually no way to tell him that you already know the secret.

Quite minor, but worth pointing out, since it's rather inconsistent.

As a sidenote, whomever wrote that Quest/Task should have a gold star. At first I was annoyed by the fact that there's like 4 different options that all amount to "This is a bad idea" or "I won't do it" (why no Rational option for accepting it, or something to that effect? Or an Intellect option that he could use it to defend himself? Maybe Dexterity to teach him to use it?) but those options with the Might.. damn.


...that's just dark, man.

First time I've broken the bones of a child in a game. That's just.. I love that the option is there, it really needs to be there, I think, in order to make other choices matter in a meaningful way, but.. damn. That's a dark, dark gold star.



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