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I was thinking of this idea for a gunner backline behind two fighter tanks:


- Chanter with the gun reload chant

- Kind Wayfarer paladin with Zealous accuracy and crit buff (heals the tanks)

- Priest with +10 accuracy with arquebus

- Either a ranged spec rogue or cipher


All wood elves.

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Here is what I use on my  current playthrough,


-Chanter  (Reload)


-Priest  (Inspiring Radiance)



This ensures both single target massacre, and AOE/CC goodness.  Putting ranged talents on Wizard/Priest doesn't hurt them, I use the +spell rings. 


The tanks are 1 Paladin and 1 Fighter.  I keep the Paladin in the gunner line if the map has ghosts.

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Think everyone and their mother are using reload chant. Other chants are fairly mediocre.

My chanter is using arbalest

Pally - arquebus

Cipher - blunderbuss

Priest - is using a gun


On higher difficulties one would be stupid not to use this advantage.

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