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My suggestion (ideas) for combat mechanic to make it feel better...

1 Spell recovery time merged with casting time

My overall impression about it is: I have no idea most of the time what is happening during combat because there are spells coming left, right without clear visual, sound, GUI feedback. I mean it just happen most of the time and then I have to pause the game and hover over characters to see what just hit me.

So currently we have spell casting time and spell recovery time. Recovery time is affected by DEX and armor penalty. Aka Fireball 2s + 2s time. It takes 2s to cast spell and then it takes around 2s in recovery time. I am proposing to actually merge recovery time with casting time for spells. Aka fireball having 4s casting time. Recovery time is part of total casting time and is hidden (however still affected by DEX, armor).

  • Caster without armor and DEX=10 will spend 4s casting fireball
  • Caster with 50% armor penalty and DEX=10 will spend 5s casting fireball
  • Caster without armor and DEX=18 will spend 3s to cast fireball
The overall number of spells cast over time is same and also spell DPS. However now the caster will be staying in animation period much longer which will give you better feedback. It will create opportunity for counter spells or defensive spells (which has faster casting animation) to happen before the enemy fireball will hit you. it will also add more IE spell casting feeling to game without messing with armor recovery penalties, DEX bonuses.
2 Status icons over enemy, party heads
The game needs better visual feedback for paralyze stuck, fear, etc. statuses. either icons over head or clear effective animation.

3 Command queue

I know we have command queue in game by holding down shift key on keyboard. We need visual feedback to see the queued commands, paths on ground, etc. (to prevent many pause, pause pause commands). Additionally it would be really great to have option in menu to put commands in queue by default while the game is paused (without holding down shift key). This game is too fast with to many pauses. Pausing every 2-3 seconds during slow mode is really too much...
4 DR piercing effect
We have DR reduction effect on weapons which is lowering target DR, but it would be nice to have piercing effect when some % of weapon damage in not affected by DR at all. All weapons do at least 20% in PoE (so we already have it). It would be great to have possible effect to increase it to higher numbers like 30% - 50%.
Currently dual-wielding fast attacker is really pure choice.
5 DR piercing effect on spells and abilities
The same as above. I know we have raw damage partially for that, but really we need to options to spells. The DR system is clearly favouring the biggest spike damage with some kind of DR piercing effect the variability would be better.


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