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Hello adventurers,


I always loved challenges and hated having companions even in those kind of games. For this reason, I tried to finish the game with only 1 hero.


Everything went (almost) fine until now : I am stuck on the last boss, and I don't see how in the world he would be killable in solo.


For more informations :


I am playing a Rogue, spéciality 1h weapons, I reached level 11 on this last map, playing on Normal mode. I have some traps, I have a collection of various enchanted weapons and other necklace, capes, armors. 


I tried for 2hours, and so far the best result I got was to kill 1 of the 2 statue (the one that doesn't move at first), but after that i'm getting stun locked by the judge while Thaos shots me down with spells.


If some of you tried and achieved it, any help is welcome. Maybe I missed some super good items that make the fight easier, maybe the 12th level is extremely important? 


Thanks in advance!

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Wait, you have soloed game with rogue and aren't even at level 12 ._. That is some mad skills


Anyhoo, my tip? Beat Thaos until he possesses one of things, beat the thing he isn't possessing, finish off the one he is possessing and then finish him off.
If you can paralyze him, apparently(not sure if its bug or not) you can prevent Thaos from possessing anything and finish him off while he is paralyzed

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Hi BrokoenMask.


Thanks for your answer (and your compliment ^^), I didn't know it was possible to kill him before he possesses one of the 2 statues.


I'll try this way. If anyone knows if there's a weapon or item somewhere in the game that allows some kind of immune to CC's, or that allows to paralyze, i would gladly appreciate it.

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