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Infinite necklace bug from "his old self" quest



Guess I can classify this as a glitch of sorts but just letting you guys know cause it is well...something that was not intended. After doing most of the quest of "His Old Self", I reported back to Kaenra in the Goose & Fox. In being given a prompt to answer about what happened to Purnisc I answered the following;


"[lie] Purnisc was being inpersinated by a powerful wizrd. The wizard killed the real Purnsic".


In dong this you complete the quest and get a "Necklace called 'Unwavering Resolve". The quest is counted as complete (to the point where the quest guide has it blacked out for completion).


However, for some strange reason you can still talk with her involving Purnisc's fate and if you answer the question again the same way as before you get ANOTHER necklace. From what I can see you can keep doing this forever since I already got 10 of them (not saving after I do this cause I don't wanna have a ton of necklaces, if even to sell as that would just be abusing a glitch and make the game less fun).


Just letting you guys know in case no one has mentioned it. Not game breaking or even really anything truly negative but just strange and obviously not intended. 

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