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Formation after dialog sequence/area transition

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This may be a spoiler if you haven't completed a primary side quest (Blood Legacy) in dryford village.


I am like 17 hours into the game and am enjoying it very much, however one thing Obsidian really needs to look at is formation of the party switching to the default formation with the PC on one of the top spots when transitioning from area to area and more importantly when entering a scripted dialog sequence.


The Blood Legacy quest immediately comes to mind as having this can really make combat a pain. When entering the chamber with Wymund no matter what formation you had prior to opening the door, you start off with the default formation. Now my PC is a squishy so I keep him in the back and always have everyone behind my tank. Well when you enter this dialog sequence and if you choose to right there and then to stop Wymund you are stuck with the default formation and PC up top.


I am not the best player nor am I the worst but I could not for the life of me beat his group, I tried like 15 times, changing gear and tactics, but I could not beat the group because of how the formation reverts to default. So I decided to allow Aelys to leave so as to not trigger the combat sequenc. I then  repositioned my party, initiated combat and with that I was able to win on my first attempt.


Formation of the party should never revert to what the default is, when I select my formation from the custom formation options, my party should always form that way in every situation unless I tell them different.


Please Obsidian look at this issue. I just got to defiance bay so I have no idea if there are other encounters that will suffer from this issue but it is very frustrating.

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I have the same issue, can be seen here: http://imgur.com/a/IFfLN


Notice how the main character (ranger, should be in back) and Aloth have moved to the front. Also Saganis wolf is now in the back.


Active formation when entering: http://imgur.com/UdDJFVa


Changing active formation makes no difference. Seems like it's only the order of the portraits that determines the formation the party enters the building in?

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You change the order of the default formation dragging their portaits.

I Actually did that, I have my PC is 3rd to last with the wizard and druid. He still shows up next to tank on top after area transition and dialog scenes.


This sort of thing used to be fairly common in a lot of games, once upon a time. Your character is the main character/leader/special person and is thought of as doing the talking. Generally, leaders don't do the talking from the back. ;) Thus in certain scenes they tend to get auto-placed in the front to represent this...probably because it's thematically more proper and occasionally for starting position challenge reasons.


Pillars actually does this very little, but it does do it here and there. I'm not sure why they chose to not do it 90% of the time but then do it those few times.

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