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Secrets of Rime



I have the secrets of rime Talent on my druid but it doesn't appear to be working properly. The five extra could DR is working fine. The 20% extra cold damage isn't. Winters wind does base damage of 30-50 (which does feel a little high as a sidenote) and is 38-64 on my character which has 19 might. Since 30-50+27% is more or less 38-64 I am pretty sure that the extra 20% damage isnt being applied. I would be expecting more like 55-95 damage at that point. If it did work as advertised it would probably trivialise the content though. Perhaps the tooltip is just wrong and the extra damage isnt intended, which would be fine except for the fact I wouldn't have chosen it then. The secrets of rime effect doesnt show up in active effects on my character either. A lot of passives don't actually.

 I have tested the spell itself to see if the damage is being applied secretly and all I can confirm is that so far with limited testing I am getting the 38-64 bracket on hits. I crit for around 74. The druid cold spells do feel pretty powerful even without secrets of rime, so perhaps the talent should be removed or the cold spells nerfed or something.

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Yeah it isnt that. I haven't actually double clicked at all. First I knew you could double click to get equipment on was hearing you don't want to do it. I have the defensive portion of it too. Its just the 20% damage doesn't show up or seem to be working. The damage is kind of nuts without it though so I figure I am happy about it. Those druid spells need a wee bit o tuning in my opinion.

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