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guys i hope you will love this


based on

i found



my fav portraits pack is the one made by artastrophe. I do not own rights to any of artistic work

I came up with an idea of making portrait pack so i basically took all portraits from the pack i found (which I think is the most beatiful one) and converted them to 76x96 from 210x330 or other format and i saved them with names that allow you to use them in game.

here (currently working on edition 2)

The question aroused when i worked on this is how to write a script that open a folder take every file (210x330 bmp) save it as <name><counter>_lg.png and then resize it to 76 x 96 and saves it as <name><counter>_sm.png and then set counter = counter + 1. I used gimp to my work and i made it everytinh manually but!!! it is possible to write scripts in gimp but i do not have time to get into this and to make it (so i could automate my work and help others in microseconds with converting their portraits). Maybe some other life... (im a math student if u are interested)


So now i present you nice pack of portraits although some are blurry (because of resizing them from 38x60 to 210x330)
and i present you also dimensions of cutting if you wanted to cut a part of huge portait and then resize it. (so you take for example 114 x 144 from 210 x 330 and then resize it to 76 x 96 and you dont shrink the portrait)

  1 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7 1,8 1,9 2 76 76 83,6 91,2 98,8 106,4 114 121,6 129,2 136,8 144,4 152 96 96 105,6 115,2 124,8 134,4 144 153,6 163,2 172,8 182,4 192

And the last thing
Dear Obsidian, please learn to implement sorting and item stacking (eg. i click armors in trade  = i see only armors, eg2 i see armors = armors of same type are stacked and i see i can buy 10 longswords not long sword, long sword....)


you can always hire me for 1k$ i can do whatever even kiss your feet
in my country in 2014 avg salary was 715 $ (netto)


this is sad just sad

among with other trilion bugs :/ like try to use mirror image level 2 spell and move...
Game is full of bugs and flaws but i hope it will get better (i do not recall playing bg in 1998 with so many bugs...)


dont get me wrong i love the game; music, story, gui, maps, graphics MARVELLOUS

small joke: i wonder if LG paid them for product placement in game files ^^ (you need lg ending for large image portrait)


oh and by the way why you didnt buy 'promoted' for the game on twitch in release day... could be more guys seeing and buying this lovely game

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