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The main things that bug me so far

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Some of this stuff I've mentioned before, and is my confirmed worries from before the release. Other is something that's made an impression on me while playing the full game.

  • Economy - getting too rich too soon is a thing. I'm intentionally not using the Stash and this has allowed me to avoid picking up merely somewhere around 1000cp worth of loot. I'm being mostly thorough with looting, as much as my characters' inventories allow, and I refrain from stealing from those containers which are not marked by a red mouse pointer, yet it wouldn't make sense in a roleplay sense to steal from them. And still I've got a bit over 5000cp for 15hrs of playing (not taken the stronghold yet)
  • Stash/Item weight/Encumbrance - needs added complexity to feel less like a vacuum-cleaner sim. The Stash is a mess functionality- and design-wise, among many exmaples - it's completely possible to accidentally send stuff you want to use into your stash while in the wilderness, and then be unable to get it out of the stash until you return to town. This is dumb as heck. Before someone comes and tries to be smart - no I can't turn stash accessible everywhere because 1) I play on Expert and 2) it defeats the purpose of restricting stash in the first place if you have to enable it because of technical reasons born out of a bad design decision.
  • UI
    • markers on map, it's important guise
    • Make tab key highlight the destination markers when you've sent your characters to a location, in addition to displaying markers for selected party memebers
  • Stealth on party member level
  • Separated stealth and trap-detecting stance
  • Crafting/enchanting - shouldn't be possible everywhere, at specific smiths and for a price would be nice
  • Might cannot designate both mental and physical strength. It's too hurtful to the very roleplay aspect to have a good wizard whose side-talent is breaking iron bars with his bare hands.
  • Stronghold - can't comment on this one yet, but from what I read about it, it will come up soon.


It's funny because some of these things are what I love most about the game.


I hate inventory management. To me, it's pointless. I've played 1,0000000 RPGS. I've had all the fun that there is to be had from managing an inventory. I'm old now. I just want to throw junk in  an infinite bag and sell it when I get to town. This game lets me do that without anything slowing me down, which is awesome.


I like how might works. My healer can also crush skulls with a 2-hd sword. Hell, if he has a strong magic presence, then it's likely he can focus it or use it to improve his physical strength as well. Not so unbelievable and it really makes the combat system simpler, yet more diverse in a unique way.


Crafting. I haven't done much of this yet. Just a couple potions. Don't seem to find enough ingredients for it yet, but the fact that I can do it anywhere is nice. I hate having to run across a map just do something so I can turn around and run back. That's just a waste of time.


As for getting too rich. I must not be there yet. Haha. I spend money faster than I make it. Haven't been able to afford any new armor yet. Most of it goes to building new party members or fixing my Stronghold or by gems to upgrade gear.


Don't get me wrong. I'm not knocking you. Everyone has their own opinions. Definitely a couple things in this game I would like to see improved a bit as well.

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