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Stronghold Actions shows events when there are none



On the Stronghold Actions screen: The flags icon on the left-side icon bar (second from top) indicates 2 Actions, but the Actions screen says "No events currently pending." the latter is correct. Saving th egame, exiting the client completely and reloading that save fixes the issue.


I have a screenie but I cannot upload them


Also, the game almost never tells me when a building has been completed in the Stronghold, either by tooltip or by an indicator on the main toolbar in-game. I have only seen indoicators (in the top-left "update scroll" area if an event took place during travel time incurred by changing cities/areas; even then, I have only seldom seen building notifiers, and I have NEVER seem any indicating Stronghold quest (Action) availability.

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I have the same problem with the actions tab having a higher number than the current actions available. Right after I got the Stronghold it showed a '2' on the tab button, but the actions list was empty. I have played a bit more and now I have 5 on the button but only two active actions. I have also played for about 30 turns of the stronghold and have not had a single monster attack from the dungeons, I am wondering if this might be related to the incorrect number of actions being shown. Maybe the actions are being registered but not triggered properly in the game or something.


Unlike the OP I have been getting 'building completed' updates and 'new action'' updates though so that problem might be unrelated to the above.

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