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Party selection circles and combat designators need refining



The present party selection-circles are flat-coloured , non-transparent, and highly aliased. They don't look very good, but placeholder, and they currently aren't proficient in their intended functionalities.



- In combat, the to / from damage designators should be stark against the party selection-circles. I recommend making them stronger / darker hued than the selection-circles.


- In combat, the selection-circle for the selected party member(s) should be much more contrast from the rest of the party - as in be a very different colour. The slim lighter shade of neon green it currently uses is practically non-discernible from the other selection-circles, and many times is completely non-discernible from them.


- In combat, the health / cool-down bar above the characters' heads in combat is too obstructive of view of the combat, and should be significantly reduced in thickness and presence.


- The selection-circles, to / from damage designations, and the health / cool-down bar should all be semi-transparent, or there be given an option to make them semi-transparent.


- The selection-circles should be anti-aliased.


- I think that the selection-circles should have a texture or design to them, the flat green / red look seems very tacky in appearance to me.





Here's a list of other issues I'm having with the game:


Quest Log not remembering viewed quest, un/collapsed state each close/open


Selected party member needs different selection circle-colour


Pass Time Feature requested


Can't reach top of semi-offscreen dialog panel to resize


Party formation icon in control panel doesn't update


Frequency vibrating of hoverbox & hoverbox-text


Characters ignoring commands when attacked due to auto-attack settings


Tutorial tips disappear too quickly

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