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Quest Log not remembering viewed quest, un/collapsed state each close/open



I keep opening my Journal to review the details of the part of the main quest that I'm working on, and every time I reopen the journal it's showcasing a quest that I'm not working on, and when I click on the quest that I want it to be showing, it's showing it in collapsed form.


If I uncollapse the quest which the Journal keeps defaulting to, and I close the journal and reopen it, it remembers the uncollapsed state of that quest's entries. However, it won't remember the uncollapsed state of the quest that I'm working on, and it also won't remember that I'm viewing that different quest, rather than the one it keeps defaulting to.


It's pretty irksome.




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It seems that the quest journal defaults to showing whichever quest was last updated, and it will remember the collapsed / expanded status of the quest details of that defaulted quest.


It seems preferable that the most recently viewed quest would be the one that is shown upon reopening the quest journal, and that its collapsed / expanded view status would be remembered - and perhaps that the collapsed / expanded view status for all journal items be remembered.

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