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I've been playing on hard and have noticed it getting a bit difficult at times. I wanted to remake my party as I think it can be min maxed much better.


Two tanks seems like the best option.


What would be the two best tanks?


1. Fight & Paladin


2. Paladin & Paladin


The paladin auras seems to be insane but I do not know if any part of the aura stack.


When is it a good idea to get high perception? would this be something to get on any one who attacks fast for melee/cast interrupts?


Would a party build such as:


Fight/Paladin or Paladin/Paladin






Be good?


The only issue is that the damage very poor since the druid and Barbarian would be the only DPS.


Does higher accuracy allows you to crit much easier?


And how good is a cipher in a party late game?

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Replace the wizard with a cipher and you're good to go.
Ciphers can do pretty much almost anything a Wiz can do (CC, Damage and Weaken foes) but unlike the wizard, the cipher can keep casting spells without having to rest, which is a huge advantage in my opinion. My entire party is able to roll for days, the only exception being the priest, which becomes useless after having used all his spells.

All the accuracy in the world won't help if you can't hit for crap - you need damage too, otherwise you won't get through the mob's DR. With no damage, you're basically relying on crits to do any worthwhile numbers (which ins't very wise IMO). Unlike in Baldur's Gate (where having blunt/crushing weapons was the ideal) this game pretty much incentives you to have a weapon set for each occasion. Skeletons are resistant to piercing weapons for example. If you're having problems with heavy DR then use stilettos, their specially ability allows them to pierce through armor. The combo weapons are probably the best ones to carry though.

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Yes accuracy is very important in this game it'll let you hit and crit which makes priest very important. (priest can buff accuracy even before fight begins) Cipher you might want to take instead of wizard or a druid. Ciphers are really strong because you can keep casting while as a wizard especially on hard difficulties you'll just auto attack most of the time. Go either Druid/Cipher or Druid/Wizard




Here's my guide to a kick-ass party. Add in 2 casters of your choice to this. You do not need 2 tanks but you may need one off-tank crowd controller, which is Monk. Monk also has a huge dps potentional if you follow my guide.

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I like fighter as main tank then 1 more beefy dude of your choice which could include paladin, barb, monk and maybe even chanter.  After that I feel you must have a cipher for the high dps and crowd control, then a priest becaue I think you just have to but idk, druid might be able to replace priest if you don't want both but druid is prolly the most OP calss in the game so..  anyway, thats 2 melee tanky dudes, a cipher, a priest and a druid.  For the last spot, I'd run wizard because even if you can't blow everything up every fight because of his limits, when you need everything to explode, nobody does it better.  If your cipher is melee then you might fit a ranger in somewhere for high ranged dps and if your cipher is ranged then maybe you'll want to work a rogue, barb or monk in instead

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