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I'll probably give PotD a go during the easter holidays (using six created characters), and I'd like to know your opinion(s) about a few things. Here's what I've got planned thus far:




Wild Orlan Fighter (CON/RES/PER)




Wood Elf Rogue (MIG/DEX/INT)








I'm having a hard time deciding what to pick for the 6th slot. Another fighter tank ? A paladin tank ? A Chanter tank ? A ranged cipher ? Input regarding the last slot as well as what you deem critical talents/skills for the various characters would be greatly appreciated. Thus far I've only really nailed a few for the tank (Defender/Hold the Line/Cautious Attack) and Marksman or Gunner for the ranged rogue.













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I would drop wizard and druid for something more frontline oriented personaly, chanter is good, paladin for auras or barbarian. Cypher is probably better than wizard for backliner I think.

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