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  1. Hello!


    Which race did you choose? Was it from DW?


  2. Thank you kindly for the detailed feedback, Boeroer! Much appreciated! How would you distribute the attribute points for this particular build ? BR, //O
  3. Hello all, I'm currently planning to revisit the PoE series and doing a complete playthrough. I've decided to play a dualwielding barbarian primarily optimized for damage and secondarily for crit effects etc applied through carnage. I'll be picking up Eder, Durance, Aloth, Hiravias and use the 6th slot to rotate between the remaining NPCs in order to complete their questlines. I've been trying to gather as much information as possible regarding a build like this but it's hard to really say what stats, talents and abilities would be ideal. As for attributes I'm thinking high MIG/DEX/PER and 8-10-ish in the remaining stats. Please let me know if this is less than ideal for a barbarian of the type I have in mind. Seems like dual sabres is the way to go for damage with something optional to swap in when crushing damage or high DR is needed. When it comes to talents and I'll list a few ones below that seem essential: Accurate Carnage WF: Soldier Savage/Stalwart Defiance TWS Frenzy/Greater Frenzy Vulnerable Attack Heart of Fury Now for the remaining talents and abilities, would you pick any of the following ? Am I missing any essential ones ? Brute Force ? Threatening Presence ? Savage Attack ? Eye of the Storm ? Barbaric Shout ? Veteran's Recovery ? Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated! BR, //O
  4. Trying to gather as much info on the solodin as I possibly can before trying a PotD-run myself. What abilities are you guys opting for, and at which level do you get what ? There are tons of potentially useful abilities, the ones that come to mind are: Lay on Hands Weapon and Shield Style Flames of Devotion Zealous Endurance/Focus Superior Deflection Deep Faith Unstoppable Sworn Enemy Cautious Attack Mental Fortress Righteous Soul Snake's Reflexes Any input would be greatly appreciated, Krgds Anghammarad
  5. Hi, I'll probably give PotD a go during the easter holidays (using six created characters), and I'd like to know your opinion(s) about a few things. Here's what I've got planned thus far: [Tank] Wild Orlan Fighter (CON/RES/PER) [sniper] Wood Elf Rogue (MIG/DEX/INT) [buffs/Debuffs/AoE/Nukes/CC] Wizard MIG/INT/DEX Druid MIG/INT/DEX Priest INT/DEX/MIG I'm having a hard time deciding what to pick for the 6th slot. Another fighter tank ? A paladin tank ? A Chanter tank ? A ranged cipher ? Input regarding the last slot as well as what you deem critical talents/skills for the various characters would be greatly appreciated. Thus far I've only really nailed a few for the tank (Defender/Hold the Line/Cautious Attack) and Marksman or Gunner for the ranged rogue. Krgds, //Anghammarad
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